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All Around Training To Prepare Your Horse For Any Avenue.

Duncan Vezain


Duncan starts horses so that they are accepting and respectful of the bit, will tolerate touch anywhere and are submissive with their feet.  He uses a variety of techniques to be able to touch horses until they accept that touch without complaint, including ropes, working the horse off another horse, and his own body language.  Eventually, the horse learns to ask the rider what he should do next before trying to make that decision on his own.  By focusing initially on the horse's feet, which is the horse's defense system, the horse becomes more trusting and willing toward the handler.  The horse will learn not to panic when their feet are restrained which makes them good to shoe or trim, hobble, and avoid injury if they should get caught in a rope or a fence. 




Duncan has been training horses for over 25 years professionally.  He has trained everything from backyard pleasure horses, show andalusions, dressage and jumping horses, roping horses, driving horses, pack horses and many others.  He has worked with many breeds from large drafts to miniatures.  With the start that his horses get, they are able to move on to be all around type horses, or competitive in single fields. 




Relationship between Horse and Rider


Duncan feels strongly about bringing a horse and rider together.  He will tailor the horses program based on what you and your horse want to accomplish when you bring him home.  Whether you want a horse for your grandkids, are heading for a wagon train, have ambitions of entrering the dressage ring, or can't wait for the next rodeo, Duncan works with the rider to make sure they are comfortable with their horse before they take them home.

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